Academic publications


Here are some of my recent publications about everyday life, family, austerity and economic crises that you might find interesting. Please get in touch if you want to read one and can’t get hold of a copy:

Hall, S.M. (forthcoming) ‘The Personal is Political: Feminist Geographies of/in Austerity’, Geoforum.

Hall, S.M. and Holmes, H.E. (2017 – in press) ‘Making do and getting by? Beyond a romantic politics of austerity and crisis,’ Discover Society.

Ince, A. and Hall, S.M. (2017 – in press) Sharing Economies in Times of Crisis: Practices, Politics and Possibilities, London: Routledge. Introduction can be found here.

Hall, S.M. (2017) ‘Why Everyday Austerity is Gendered‘, Policy@Manchester (March 7th).

Hall, S.M. (2016) ‘Family relations in times of austerity: reflections from the UK‘, in Punch, S., Vanderbeck, R. and Skelton, T. (Eds.) Geographies of Children and Young People: Families, Intergenerationality and Peer Group Relations, Springer: Berlin.

Hall, S.M. (2016) ‘Personal, relational and intimate geographies of austerity: ethical and empirical considerations‘, Area, DOI: 10.1111/area.12251

Hall, S.M. (2016)Everyday Family Experiences of the Financial Crisis: Getting By in the Recent Economic Recession‘, Journal of Economic Geography, 16(2): 305-330.

Hall, S.M. (2016) ‘Why Brexit Shouldn’t Mask Everyday Austerity‘, Policy@Manchester (July 14th).

Hall, S.M. (2016) Moral Geographies of Family: Articulating, Forming and Transmitting Moralities in Everyday Life, Social & Cultural Geography, DOI:10.1080/14649365.2016.1147063

Hall, S.M. and Jayne, M. (2016) ‘Make, mend and befriend: geographies of austerity, crafting and friendship in contemporary cultures of dressmakingGender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, 23(2): 216-234.

Hall, S.M. and Holdsworth, C. (2016) ‘Family Practices, Holiday and the Everyday‘, Mobilities,  11(2): 284-302.

Hall, S.M. (2015) ‘Everyday Ethics of Consumption in the Austere City‘, Geography Compass, 9(3): 140-151.