Talks and events on Everyday Austerity

Talking at the Incredible Women event, Manchester Museum, 2016


June 2018: Welfare and Intersectional Inequalities Conference

August 2018: RGS-IBG Pre-Conference event, Austerity Politics and Changing Landscapes of Inequality

November 2018: UCL Urban Laboratory


From the past 12 months:

Women in the Northern Powerhouse Workshop, Manchester, June 2016

April 2018: At The Intersections, Birmingham

February 2018: Geography Seminar Series, Southampton University

November 2017: Methods Fair, Manchester

November 2017: ‘Is Sharing Really Caring’?, Cardiff

November 2017: SPRU Freeman Seminar Series, Sussex University

November 2017: Geography, University of Central Lancashire

September 2017: ‘The Personal is Political: Feminist Accounts of Everyday Austerity‘, Cultural Political Economy Conference 2017, Lancaster

June 2017: Morgan Centre Summer School, Manchester

June 2017: School of Law and Politics, Cardiff University

June 2017: Nordic Geographers Meeting, Stockholm

May 2017: Gender and Poverty Panel, Festival of Debate, Sheffield

May 2017: ‘Relationships Across Crises’, Discover Society Event, London