Here you can find a selection of photographs and images from the Everyday Austerity Exhibition, 11th-15th July 2016 at the University of Manchester. Please only use these with our permission – you can get in touch via the ‘contact’ tab to make a request.

If you have some of your own, please get in touch and send them to us!

Welcome! Chalk drawing by Stef Bradley.
A multi-sensory exhibition.
making a meal
‘Making a meal of it’, drawn by Stef Bradley.
Framed vignettes,  drawn by Stef Bradley.
four of everything.jpg
‘Four of everything’, drawn by Stef Bradley.
Assortment of materials on show.
Lifting the lid on austerity.
mini image %28twitter%3f%29.jpg
‘Small surprises’, drawn by Stef Bradley.
Thanks for coming! Poster by Stef Bradley.

Thanks to Joanne Jordan and Abi Stone for taking a number of these photographs, and to Stef Bradley for her fantastic drawings.

You can see more photos of the exhibition in the Everyday Austerity album on the official University of Manchester Facebook page.