The Everyday Austerity Exhibition in July 2016 was visited by hundreds of people (and many more via social media) and received wonderful feedback on the collaboration between Sarah’s research and Stef’s drawings. Below are some of the highlights.


Media Reports

The exhibition was covered by local and national news such as:

An ITN news report

An interview on local TV channel That’s Manchester

And featured in Women’s Workshop‘s National News

ITN report

‘Things to do’

The exhibition was featured on various ‘things to do’ lists, by fab websites like:

I Love Manchester – in Five quirky exhibitions worth checking out in Manchester this summer

About Manchester – a featured story entitled Shedding light on the austerity years

Manchester Wire – the top feature in Free things to do this week

Women’s Grid – featured in Women’s News

Manchester Wire feature

In Blog-Land

Blog posts and stories from visitors to the exhibition keep popping up all the time, including ones by:

Too Late For Cake

Geographies of Children, Youth and Families Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society

And of course, it makes sense to blog about your own exhibition, right?

Royal Geographical Society blog

Social Media

You can follow news about the Everyday Austerity Exhibition using the twitter hashtag #livedausterity, where you can find comments and photographs from visitors, such as this:

As well as:

And this: